The advantages of Invisalign

There are many types of orthodontic treatment, but one of the best known is the Invisalign procedure. This has become very common in recent years, as more and more people have come to understand its advantages and realize just what a difference it can make to the appearance of their teeth. In fact, almost a million people have now undergone treatment with Invisalign, and as long as it is carried out by an expert dentist, it is among the safest and most effective orthodontic procedures available today. So many people have reported superb results with Invisalign that it is becoming more popular every year.

The procedure works by replacing the metal braces used in old fashioned dental treatment with aligners which are made of clear material and which are removable. Align Technology, has designed the system and markets it out of Santa Clara, states that more than 35,000 practitioners have undergone the treatment needed to provide Invisalign treatment to Americans. The company has more than 130 patents on its technology, and it has over 1,300 employees. However, it is still vital that anyone thinking of undergoing Invisalign treatment chooses the very best dentist available.

One of the biggest problems with traditional metal braces is that they are obvious and can therefore cause embarrassment to the person wearing them. With the use of Invisalign technology, this problem disappears entirely. Because the aligners which are used are totally transparent, they are not obvious to others. Many adults, especially, are unhappy with the idea of filling their mouths with metal wires and brackets, but with this system, that is no longer required. Invisalign aligners can also be removed, allowing patients to eat comfortably without the risk of getting food stuck behind the wires and brackets of an old fashioned brace.

Another advantage of Invisalign treatment is that it is much less damaging to the patient’s mouth. For example, most types of orthodontic procedure will cause damage to both the gums and the roots of the teeth. On top of this, the fact that patients cannot remove traditional braces makes it likely that food will get trapped behind them, which can lead to serious problems of tooth decay. With Invisalign, a new set of aligners is fitted every couple of weeks, which means that they can be fitted perfectly and will therefore be much more comfortable, since less force is needed than with traditional braces.