Porcelain Veneers


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Porcelain Veneer for Healthy and beautiful teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry is a relatively newer field and is becoming popular day by day. Porcelain Veneers, a procedure that falls under cosmetic dentistry is has gained tremendous popularity nowadays. The primary reason is due to the extremely natural looking teeth that remain absolutely stain free; in addition they increase the bite of the teeth and can enhance the appearance for a healthy looking and feeling bite. There are many ways to use these Porcelain Veneers; they can be used to straighten the teeth, making them longer or shorter, and changing their shape to round, square or anything you desire and simply making them pearly white. The combination of enhanced expertise along with excellent quality veneers is a major factor that works towards this particular procedure.

What is porcelain veneer and what is it made of?

This question you might have asked yourself. Well the answer is a porcelain veneer is actually a very thin shell that is made of heat-fired porcelain.
The majority of these systems in use today are glass ceramic systems. To prevent shrinkage and the appearance of hollows and unevenness inside the restoration the ceramic material is created using a hot-press. This press heats the restoration under pressure, forcing it to form a solid, homogenous restoration that has high levels of strength, attractiveness, and predictability.
A thin porcelain laminate bonded to the external face of a tooth to repair or change the colour and/or shape of teeth. Porcelain veneers are more expensive and more durable than bonds and is custom made to exactly fit your teeth. The veneers are bonded to the teeth for a more permanent result.

For this procedure, you will visit Dr Shahriari for a consultation so you can address your concerns. She will then do a full mouth examination and will evaluate the best treatment option customized according to your needs and see if veneers are appropriate for you and discuss what the procedure will involve and some of its limitations. Furthermore, Dr Shahriari will make a mold of the teeth which will be used to create the porcelain veneer. This will take about a week as it will be sent to our accredited laboratory so the veneer is molded from superior quality materials.

Subsequently, Dr Shahriari then will remove about 1/2 millimeter amount of enamel from the tooth surface, cleans the teeth and then structures it according to the size of the veneers. The veneer is then fitted properly on the tooth to see whether it is exactly of the same shape as the tooth which is an amount nearly equal to the thickness of the veneer. The veneer is fixed permanently by being cemented with the help of laser or ultraviolet rays which activates chemicals in the cement, causing it to harden or cure very quickly. The final steps involve removing any excess cement, evaluating your bite and making any final adjustments in the veneer as necessary. The process does not take much time and Dr Shahriari ensures that it does not become too painful by providing an option for anesthetics to ease the discomfort.

After the entire process is swiftly done, you need to maintain the rules set by the dentist. She will inform of the food you should eat to prevent the porcelain veneer from getting damaged. Follow up visits must be taken place regularly to analyze how your gums respond to the presence of the veneer and to to examine the veneer's placement.

Dr. Shahriari is a professional dentist with years of expertise in the field of cosmetic dentistry. She has successfully handled a long list of clients and is one of the best cosmetic dentists in the area. With tremendous knowledge and professional attitude, Dr. Shahriari believes that Porcelain Veneers can be useful to anyone who desires to reconstruct their teeth to a achieve a more symmetrical & healthy looking smile.