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Dentures are an affordable way to replace missing teeth, even if all of your teeth are gone. Homa Shahriari. DDS helps her Mirror Cosmetic Dentistry patients get their original smile back through custom fitted dentures, so don’t let missing teeth interfere with eating, smiling, and talking any longer. Use the online booking form or call one of the two Northridge, California offices to arrange a consultation on dentures today.

Dentures Q & A

What are dentures, and what type do I need?

Dentures are removable oral appliances that replace some or even all of your missing teeth. Dentures attach to your gum tissue using natural suction, and you can add denture adhesive for extra security.

If you still have some healthy natural teeth, you might be a good candidate for partial dentures. Partial dentures fill in your smile gaps in a natural-looking way. They may attach to your natural teeth with small clasps, which add extra support and stability.

Full mouth dentures may be right for you if you have no natural teeth left. Full mouth dentures include two full arches of replacement teeth, with the top one attaching to the roof of your mouth and the bottom one attaching to your lower gum line.

What is the denture process like?

Your denture process will depend on your specific situation and how much preparation you need. Some people need to have multiple extractions before getting dentures, and this requires extra healing time.

Dr. Shahriari will make impressions of your mouth, and these molds allow her to make perfectly fitted dentures for you. When your new dentures are ready, Dr. Shahriari will fit them for you, making any adjustments necessary. The process can take several months but may be shorter depending on your situation.

How can I adjust to my new dentures?

While dentures aren't painful, it takes some time to adjust to them. It's normal to feel a little worried about your dentures shifting or even falling out while they're still new, but this will abate as you get used to wearing them. A small amount of denture adhesive can make you feel more confident.

In the early days of wearing dentures, it's best to eat a soft diet. Over the coming weeks, you can slowly add in your usual foods. You can still eat nearly everything, but consider making some small adjustments for difficult foods.

For example, shave corn off the cob instead of gnawing on the cob, or cut an apple into bite-size pieces instead of biting into it whole. It's best to avoid very sticky or extremely hard foods, at least while you're still getting used to your dentures.

Ready to learn more about dentures? Use the online contact form or call Mirror Cosmetic Dentistry soon to set up a consultation on dentures with Dr. Shahriari.

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